Tax Investigations

HMRC has increased the number of tax investigations it carries out on businesses of all sizes considerably over the last few years.

A tax investigation by HMRC can be time consuming, stressful and costly.

At HML Davies Limited, we have had lots of experience over the years in helping our clients to comply with a tax investigation in order to minimise disruption to their business and to try to help speed up the time it takes for HMRC to complete their investigations.

We have specialists in a number of areas of tax and we can deal with tax investigations into individuals, small and medium-sized companies and partners in a limited liability partnership.

At HML Davies Limited we can advise you in connection with any investigation into income tax, corporation tax, VAT, National Insurance, inheritance tax, or a dispute relating to IR35.

We can help you manage any voluntary disclosures you may wish to make too.

If you have been approached by the HMRC to notify that they are to carry out an investigation into your tax affairs and want experienced, knowledgeable professionals to support you through the process, saving you time, stress and cost, please call us on 01204 393 040.