Tax Planning

It has been estimated that individuals and companies in the UK will over pay billions of pounds in tax in 2015.

Whilst we accept that all of us has a responsibility to pay some tax in order to fund public services and the running of our country, many individuals and businesses are clearly paying more than they are legally required to do.

At HML  Davies, we can advise both individuals and businesses how to ensure they meet their legal obligations but can minimise the chance of overpaying their tax.

Some of the ways we can help to avoid overpayment include

For individuals:

  • Most efficient use of ISAs for individuals
  • Utilising tax relief in terms of pensions for retirement planning
  • Advance planning in relation to inheritance tax

For companies:

  • Ensuring all legitimate business expenses are claimed and set off against tax
  • Advice on the most tax efficiency relating to the use or financing of company cars
  • Reducing tax on any capital gains through the sales of land, premises or a business

At HML Davies Limited, we can help you identify how you may be overpaying in tax and advise you how to become more tax efficient which may save you significant sums of money in the long term.

We are also able to let you know about changes in laws relating to tax and how these changes may affect you, your family or business.

For more information about how we may be able to help you plan your taxes more efficiently, please call us on 01204 393 040.