VAT Investigations

VAT officers from HMRC can visit any business they like to inspect and verify if the business is paying the correct amount in VAT.

In recent times, we have seen an increase in VAT investigations and many people can understandably feel very anxious about a visit from VAT officers.

Here at HML Davies Limited, we have had many years’ experience of supporting clients through a VAT investigation.

Our involvement and presence during a visit by VAT officers at a client’s premises gives support and reassurance to clients. Our being there can also make it easier to answer any questions relating to how VAT may have been calculated during a given period of time and we can quickly respond to any requests by the VAT officers for information and calculations.

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) usually send a letter if they want to visit your business in order carry out an investigation.

Typically, they will give you 7 days’ notice. They also usually state what information they want to see and how long their investigation may take.

You can ask them to delay their visit if you don’t feel that you have enough time. However, they are legally allowed to visit without an appointment and to ring you about the VAT you have paid.

The likelihood of a VAT investigation can be influenced by how big or complex your business and VAT bill is generally and if you have previously filed late or incorrect VAT returns. 

After the investigation, the VAT officers will write to you and confirm if any additional tax or penalty is due for payment.

If you wish to appeal against the decision, again the team here at HML Davies Limited can help you prepare your case. 

To discuss further how we can help you regarding a VAT investigation, please call us on 01204 393 040 or fill in our call back form on this website.

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